Rika Muzika celebrates new Eddy Ramich compilation Croatian Blue on Soho Radio


Check out this great Soho Radio show from Rika Muzika, featuring a host of cuts from our new Eddy Ramich compilation album, Croatian Blue.

“Rika Muzika is a London-based label representing musical misfits from the Balkans and beyond. This month’s episode is divided into two parts: Sara’s celebration of Eddy Ramich’s brilliant compilation Croatian Blue and a quirky selection of music from around the globe by Louise Calzada aka Toro/Azor.”

Listen to the full show here.

Focussing on fresh creative output coming through the Croatian music scene, Croatian Blue roams from laidback Balearic sounds and languid jazz, through to Chicago and Detroit influenced House and melodic techno.

Buy or stream Eddy Ramich’s ‘Croatian Blue’ here.