Exclusive: Rich Medina Live ‘Jump N Funk’ DJ Set


We’re delighted to share with you a classic Jump N Funk DJ set performed by the maestro Rich Medina. This incredible three hour mix was recorded live at the Martinez Gallery, NYC back in May 2003, taking in a dizzying array of afrobeat and funk in a joyful celebration of Fela Kuti’s life and music.

Starting life as a small New York event aimed at raising awareness for Fela Kuti’s musical message, Rich Medina’s Jump N Funk party has now been rocking dancefloors across the globe for over 15 years.

Honouring Fela’s contribution to music as well as his political and cultural legacy, Medina has made his events a platform to celebrate Afro-Life across the Black Diaspora.

With guests such as Wunmi, the cast of Fela! On Broadway, Asiko and Antibalas providing captivating live performances, Jump N Funk is so much more than a club night.

Rich Medina’s Fela-inspired  ‘Jump N Funk’ album is available now on x2 vinyl, CD and digital formats directly from the BBE shop