Watch: DJ Andy Smith & Nick Halkes – Reach Up Disco Wonderland


DJ Andy Smith (who compiled The Document mix albums and provided samples to and DJd globally with Portishead) and Nick Halkes (who set up XL Recordings and Positiva and now releases music as Nick Reach Up) talk about their lifelong friendship and shared love of music, as well as their ‘Reach Up’ DJ events which present some of their favourite records from their youth and killer new pieces to a brand new audience across the globe.

Get the full story behind Andy’s ‘Reach Up Disco Wonderland’ compilations, out now on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Portishead collaborator and International tour DJ, Andy Smith presents new album Reach Up Disco Wonderland on vinyl and CD. DJ Andy Smith returns to BBE Music with a second installment of ‘Reach Up – Disco Wonderland’, released on triple vinyl, double CD and digital formats.