Mix – Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun & More Mix by Paul Hillery


Gather together beneath the sun as we journey through the rhythmic sands of time with a handpicked and commingled mix by Paul Hillery. Exclusive for BBE Music, it celebrates the release of our new compilation ‘Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun‘.

The mix is a deep dive into the ‘We Are The Children Of The Sun‘ series and more. With a few specially selected tracks thrown in, it is a 2-hour trip through time and space. So dip your toes into crystal blue waters while the sound of trippy troubadours drift on a Balearic breeze. Tune in as we sail to joyful places and wide-open spaces while dropping out to a folk-funk pulse that connects us in shamanic shuffle. A reminder that we have more to connect than drive us apart. We are all made of stardust, for . . . ‘Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun’

Paul Hillery, a heathen, conceivably, but not, we hope, an unenlightened one, is the man behind the acclaimed BBE series ‘We Are The Children Of The Sun’ and curator at ‘Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours’ with a knack for unearthing rare and previously lost gems.

“One of the most emotionally uplifting and hazily beautiful compilations of recent years.” Andrew Male MOJO Magazine

“Shines a light on musical genre’s often overlooked but rich in groove and melody.” Paul Osborne Shindig!

“We Are The Children Of The Sun was brilliant and Once Again maintains the pace and quality.” Bill Brewster Mixmag

“Another incredible collection!” Max Essa Lone Star/Warp/Is It Balearic?

“This series, I really love it! The selections are so great, incredible!” Ken Hidaka Wax Poetics

“There’s some kind of Magick in here. Where does Paul find these sunny, hazy, lazy tunes of rare beauty?” Chris Coco The Chill Out Tent

“An exquisite selection compiled by one of the most knowledgeable collectors in the field.” Kev Beadle Mind Fluid/Focal Point

“A culmination of years of seriously deep digging. A perfect selection.” Danny McLewin Psychemagik/Skyrager

“Compiled with love and suffused with spirit.” Patrick Forge The Cosmic Jam/Dingwalls

“A stunningly deep dive into music that has been overlooked by all but the most relentless of diggers.” Balearic Mike 1BTN Radio

Tracklist :

1. In-Passing by Kimberle
2. Footprints by Carl & Joanne Barry
3. Wet Dreams by Floyd Hunchback Group
4. Summer Breeze by The Kureks
5. Come And Take Me By The Hand by Varela
6. Sunday Morning by Pixie Lauer
7. I Run Too by Peter Berkow & Friends
8. Flow by Gabriel Gladstar
9. Letters by Robin Woodland
10. Mojave by Hardin & Russell
11. Land of Wonder by Marla Fant
12. Do You Know by Douglas Penn
13. Be With Me by Pat Rahming
14. October Country by Michael McGinnis
15. Nowhere by Cy Timmons
16. Fields Of Green by Carm Mascarenhas
17. Coloured Butterfly by Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band
18. (There’s) Always Something To Remind Me by Alejandro Bravo
19. Jasmim Parte 1 by Gabriel da Rosa
20. Woodstock by Robby Barnes
21. Guru by Shlomo Gronich, Shlomo Yidov & Shem Tov Levi
22. Just A Thought by Just Us
23. Vouloir by Jennifer Souza
24. Chocolate by Ana Frango Elétrico
25. Golden Hour by Aria Rostami
26. Cherry Blossom Oak by Christian Besa Wright
27. As The Day Grows Tired by Will & James Ragar
28. Nur Gitarre by Bescay + Jochen Schrumpf
29. The Shadows Dance by Graeme Gash
30. Over & Over by Andy Davis
31. More Than Hope by Wendy Grace
32. If Life Was A Ferris Wheel by Mark Capanni

Click here to check out ‘We Are The Children Of The Sun’
Click here to check out ‘Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun’

Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun & More Mix by Paul Hillery