Listen: New Incognito Traveler Single ‘Vestibule’


“Amazing textures and soundscapes . I’m loving these chilled jazz-infused beats” – Alex Attias

Announcing new album Ravine, The Incognito Traveller returns to BBE with new single ‘Vestibule’

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‘Vestibule’ and ‘A Mere Subjective Experience’ open the doors to a new voyage called ‘Ravine’, courtesy of The Incognito Traveller. This time around the music takes an introspective twist and looks within to discover what lies beneath the skin, beyond all exterior definitions and right into the deepest definition of self. Through proper jazz-infused trip-hop, ‘Vestibule’ and ‘A Mere Subjective Experience’ unveil unexplored interior spaces and beautifully complex inner worlds.

Milton Erickson’s “A Special Inquiry with Aldous Huxley into the Nature and Character of Various States of Consciousness” serves as the conceptual basis for a whole album’s worth of cinematic jazz explorations. In the study Aldous Huxley is guided into a deep hypnosis and, in such state, he describes meeting with his own self at different ages and revisiting his own stages of growth and intellectual development. ‘Vestibule’ and ‘A Mere Subjective Experience’ reference closely two specific instants in the author’s recount of the experience.

Eyes closed, the listener gets easily carried away within, into a grand voyage of self-discovery and inner aperture. ‘Vestibule’ is a classic jazz/trip- hop piece with an imposing break and uplifting release to bring illumination to the spirit; whereas uptempo quasi-freejazz piece ‘A Mere Subjective Experience’ offers internal divine light and harmony for the soul.