Lauren Laverne Selects ‘The Men In The Glass Booth’ as Album of The Week on BBC 6 Music

Lauren Laverene BBC 6 Music

We’re delighted to announce that the wonderful Lauren Laverne has selected Al Kent‘s ‘The Men In The Glass Booth’ as Compilation Of The Week on her BBC Radio 6 Music breakfast show.

Tune in all week to hear cuts from the album or click here to listen on demand.

“Featuring ground breaking re-edits and remixes, many of which have never been released before, the compilation traces the history of the DJ, specifically from the moment many of them stepped out of the booth and into the studio. Few have told the full story about how DJs became music makers but as this compilation details, during disco’s heady hay day many of the eras most important club figures were also cutting their own releases to play themselves or to sell. In 2017 this is something we’ve come to expect from most of our favourite selectors but in the mid 1970’s, the studio was strictly the domain of recording artists and producers, with DJs being excluded from the established music community. Those featured on this compilation saw that attitude and shunned it, tearing up the rule book and making their own music, it’s a story that hasn’t really been told before, until now.”

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