John Morales in Conversation with Skiddle

John Morales Interview

Godfather of the edit and master of the mix John Morales recently caught up with Skiddle for an extensive conversation about producing, DJing and remaining relevant in today’s fast moving music business.

He also revealed a previously well kept secret: volume 4 of his M+M Mixes album series is dropping this year!

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“Born and raised in a Puerto Rican household in The Bronx NYC, John Morales became a key figure in the city’s musical development in the 1970s and one which would have immeasurable impact to this day.

He began DJing in the mid 70s at a time when the music played by DJs was almost exclusively played on 7” single or from albums. Finding the three minute single a restriction in the dawning of the disco era, John constructed his own medleys and edits of records and committed them to tape for use at his gigs. He soon became known to the wider music industry for these edits and initially worked with disco legends like Patrick Adams and Greg Carmichael on tracks by Musique, Bumblebee Unlimited and Universal Robot Band, his first credited release being mix work on Inner Life’s ‘Caught Up In A One Night Love Affair’ (1979).

Alongside a small handful of names such as Tom Moulton, Walter Gibbons, Tee Scott and Francois Kevorkian, John Morales became known as one of the pioneering producers whose work would transform the disco, soul (and later house) of the day into the extended format that DJs and dancers craved in this era of disco and which would appear on the first 12” singles ever issued.”

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