Listen: Jamie 3:26 in the mix for Afropunk


Check out this incredible lockdown mix, recorded by Jamie 3:26 for Afropunk, published alongside an exclsuive Q&A session with the Chicago DJ.

“I made this mix right after the hard decision to not go home and my business basically folding right in front of me. Everything that was unfolding regarding the pandemic, I just needed some uplifting and music with a message. That’s the direction I went for the first half, then took it in another direction towards the end. There’s a message in the music and I wanted to share that energy and vibe.”

Listen to the mix and read the full interview here.

Check out Jamie’s BBE album ‘A Taste Of Chicago‘.

Track list:
1. If Jesus Came – The Gospel Soul Revivals
2.Testify – Jamie 3:26 & Masalo
3.Heavy – Hi-Fi Sean & Crystal Waters(Jamie 3:26 & Danou P. Remix)
4.Everything’s Gonna Be Alright – The Clark Sisters
5.Only The Strong Survive – Billy Paul (Young Pulse Edit)
6.I Wanna Rock You – Giorgio Moroder(3:26 & Danou Retouch)
7. La Fievre – Antonio Ocasio