Listen to the 5th BBE20 Anniversary Mix by Gavin Hardkiss


West Coast rave pioneer, native South African and all-round lovely man Gavin Hardkiss delivers the 5th in our series of 20th Anniversary mixes. Stacked with BBE Africa cuts from Eji Oyewole and Rim Kwaku Obeng as well as afro-centric soul from Roy Ayers and Living Colour, this unexpected and wonderful mix certainly feels like a seasoned DJ zipping his boots and going back to his roots…

“Growing up in Johannesburg, these are the sounds I’d hear in my backyard. I’m drawn to songs, not personalities or bands, so this mix is simply about selecting the songs from BBE’s wonderful back catalogue which speak to me most.” – Gavin Hardkiss, 2016

You can download the mix and individual tracks HERE


More info:

San Francisco based dance music pioneer Gavin Hardkiss takes the controls for our 5th 20th Anniversary mix. Producing under the alias Hawke for more than 25 years, Gavin’s Hardkiss Music record label and collective went a long way toward defining California’s underground dance scene during the early 90s. Influenced as much by psychedelic funk and 80s New Romantic music as House or Techno, the Hardkiss sound made Dance music inclusive and accessible to all.  The compilation of Hardkiss Music’s early vinyl releases,’Delusions Of Granduer,’ became a cult underground classic (and quite possibly one of the most stolen and pirated dance records of all time). Having laid down the blueprint for the UK ‘big beat’ sound, and paving the way for acts such as the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim, we were more than intrigued to find out which titles Gavin might select for his BBE mix.