Gavin Hardkiss Featured on Red Bull TV’s ‘After The Raves’

Gavin Hardkiss After The Rave

What would happen if you let a 90’s rave pioneer like, say for example, Gavin Hardkiss loose on BBE’s back catalogue?

Well, that’s exactly what we did for the 5th installment of our 20th Anniversary Mix Series. The result is quite unique, very special and may come as something of a surprise to many…

Gavin’s BBE20 mix is available on December 30th; you can pre-order the package HERE.

Until then, we highly recommend watching this excellent Red Bull documentary about the San Francisco electronic scene. The section on Hardkiss starts around the 8 minute mark.

Click here to watch

More about Gavin:
In the early 90’s, along with faux brothers Robbie and Scott, Gavin helped pioneer the American electronic music scene with the groundbreaking record label Hardkiss Music. Hardkiss quickly joined the ranks of the international DJ elite, DJing at raves and clubs in cities throughout the world, eventually reaching legendary status with the release of the classic double album, Delusions of Grandeur. Delusions of Grandeur reached number one on the Rolling Stone Magazine alternative charts. Subsequently, he has produced multiple experimental albums under the guise of Hawke.

Gavin Hardkiss is an electronic musician, DJ, label owner, producer, remixer, author and artist. He has remixed the likes of Youssou N’Dour, Mazzy Star, Elton John and Michael Franti, and performed alongside Africa Bambaataa, Derrick May, Snoop Dogg and The Buena Vista Social Club. In 2010, the song Mundo Via Afrika was featured on the official Sony World Cup album “Hello Africa,” alongside the best of contemporary African musicians. In 2013 he self-published a novel titled Cubic Lust.

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