Listen: Jay Dee aka J Dilla on Tim Westwood’s Radio 1 Rap Show, 2001


Recorded sometime in 2001, Jay Dee aka J Dilla joined Tim Westwood on his Radio 1 Rap Show to promote his debut artist album, ‘Welcome 2 Detroit‘ on BBE Music.

As rapper Dank recalls in John Vanderpuije’s new book which accompanies the 20th Anniversary box set album : “It was me, Dilla, Frank, Phat Kat, Uncle Tim and we all had big mink coats on! We’d brought the Minks out! (laughs). Phat Kat had on the polo shit. When we came up in the studio, Tim Westwood was like, “Maaan, there’s a lot of Mink up in here!” (laughs) I remember the look on Peter BBE’s face. He just had this smile on his face, like, “These Detroit boys, Yup! Welcome to Detroit guys, they here!” (laughs) For some kids coming from the Eastside of Detroit, from the hood, to go to London!?! It was a big deal! I had to get me a passport! My first time getting one, cos I had to go to London with this record!”

Welcome 2 Detroit – The 20th Anniversary Edition is out now.

Photo by Paul Hampartsoumian.