Deep Jazz From Japan – WaxPoetics Feature


Mark Rowlands interviewed Tony Higgins, one half of the compiler duo that recently released J Jazz – Deep Modern Jazz from Japan 1969 – 1984 on BBE, for WaxPoetics.

Japanese jazz has a different soul to American jazz.” “You could never have that political frisson, that charge, that undertow, that weight that’s always there in American jazz. It can’t exist. It’s unique to the Black American experience.’

By the late ’60s they’d started to make some pretty far-out music. And that’s where our compilation really starts.’… Tony Higgins

“This collection of music, culled from the personal archives of co-compilers Tony Higgins and Mike Peden, showcases some of the heaviest and best examples of Japan’s rarely recognized, homegrown, modern jazz scene. In their collision, these two endeavors offer a glimpse into a little known and fast fading musical world.”

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Check out the compilation here and the forthcoming reissue of ultra-rare Japanese jazz album “Tachibana” here.