Chicago’s 5 Magazine Interview Kiko Navarro For Cover Feature

Kiko Navarro Featured in 5 Magazine

We’re delighted to see the World’s best House Music Magazine, Chicago’s 5 Mag featuring a fascinating interview with Kiko Navarro on the cover of issue 141.

“I think nowadays is very difficult to really invent something in music, almost everything is already invented (and I say “almost” to leave an space for things that still can surprise us). I think is a matter of combining different things, but the most important is to do it with love, to really feel what you do, trying to transmit an emotion, a message. I think there is a lot of love in acid basslines; the filter, amount of resonance and other parameters permit you to express different feelings. Could be rage, could be happiness. It depends how you express them by tweaking the knobs.”

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