BBE Africa Bags now available via Bandcamp

BBE Africa Bags

Handmade in Accra, Ghana by Gifty, a local independent seamstress. The bags are made entirely from local fabrics hand picked in the city, so no two are alike.

These bags, and more accessories to follow, grew from BBE founder Peter Adarkwah’s desire to support Ghanaian enterprise in partnership with the BBE Africa imprint.

There are three styles of bag on offer:

Small Bucket* (approx 40cm tall x 33cm wide)

Large Bucket* (approx. 40cm tall x 50 wide)

Large Square (approx. 46cm tall x 38cm wide

*The ‘bucket’ bags are slightly rounded at the bottom, as per the pictures.

All are made from strong, durable fabric and are more than able to cope with carrying a decent stash of 12″ records all day, with a shoulder strap and carry handles for extra comfort and convenience.

Exact colours and print designs may vary from those shown in the images, as each bag is one of a kind.

If you’d like to select the exact bag design you want, head over to The BBE Store in London to browse in person.

Follow the links to Bandcamp to have a look

Large Bucket Bag

Large Square Bag

Small Bucket Bag

Bird Design (Small Bucket Bag)

Bird Design (Large Bucket Bag)

High-Life (Large Bucket Bag)

High-Life (Small Bucket Bag)