Vikter Duplaix is not a man of mystery. He is the musical embodiment of a Movement. Through the instantly recognizable seduction in his voice to his signature production and with his distinctive DJ sets, he is the spokesman for a global alliance who aims to reclaim beautiful music for beautiful people worldwide. This beauty is not defined by over saturated images of pop-media culture. Rather, it is the amalgamation of global culture, independent thought and creative spirit shared by adventure hungry hedonists with lust for life.

Vikter, a Philadelphia native, began his career early studying music and singing in touring choirs with legendary artists such as Teddy Pendergrass and Luciano Pavarotti. His DJ skills were honed with Philly legends Jazzy Jeff and King Britt and was mentored in the fine art of business by none other than Philadelphia International’s own Kenny Gamble. Vikter is a founding member of Philly’s Axis Music Group, a music production house shared with Grammy award winner James Poyser and executive Chauncey Childs. His introduction to the global music scene came in 2000 with his installment of K7!’s DJ Kicks series, which show cased his vocal stylings and musical taste. In 2002, Vikter released his first full-length artist project titled “International Affairs” on Hollywood Records. The cd garnered critical acclaim.

Uninhibited from the confines of major labels and in keeping with this vision, Vikter has formed a joint venture with BBE Records. The first release will be an ep, “Stimulation” in Spring’06, a prequel to Duplaix’s full-length release “Bold and Beautiful” due end of 2006. “Bold and Beautiful” will focus on purity. Raw and honest-it is a daring departure from sub-standards of today’s pop music. Expect appearances and collaborative production work with the likes of James Poyser, Micheal Angelo, Esthero, Ty Tribbet, Rapheal Saddiq, Karsh Kale, Gary Dourdan, Suphala, Omar Edwards, Junius Bervine and house music pioneer Louie Vega.

Vikter Duplaix is a musical alchemist weaving beautiful people, fine arts and progressive music into a purely golden lifestyle. “I have been humbled by travel,” Vikter recounts. “I have realized the potential of pleasure through experiences and journeys.”

His production work continues to defy genre as he creates soundscapes for artists as diverse as Earth, Wind and Fire, Jazzanova, Norman Brown, Nitin Sawhney, King Britt, and Spacek. He is even reworking Radiohead’s “Tree Fingers” from their massively acclaimed LP “Amnesiac” for the BBE Records tribute to the London-based phenoms.

Vikter is a missionary. He uses his renowned DJ sets as a vehicle to bring likeminded music to pleasure seekers worldwide. His DJ jet sets have taken him to Europe, Japan, South America and beyond. Yet, in an era where club owners are replacing DJs with iPods, Vikter proves himself to be one ahead of trends.

Most recently, he appeared as a vocalist alongside DJ Louie Vega where he is performing his joined effort with Masters at Work entitled “In the Real World,” as well as other select songs. He first provided his signature swoon to MAW for the 1999 acclaimed “Messages” and has recently done the same for ethereal Drum and Bass pioneer Roni Size on.

He is also working with Jimmy Sommers (co-owner of L.A.’s celeb-infested Koi Restaurant) on “The Sunset Collective vol.1,” a chill-out vibe project featuring Sommers on saxophone. He’s also lending his skills to Romanian gypsy singer Delilah, whose work is likened to a blend of Sade and the Gypsy Kings for Toronto’s Groove United label. Studio collaborations are also on the menu with legends like Bob James and Bobby Caldwell.

Much like a National Geographic photographer uses film to capture globally captivating images and shares them with the world, Vikter Duplaix does the same using music as his medium. His voice, his beats and his performances take him around the world and back. Vikter is everywhere, on every continent, in every country, city and town. He is the progression of music. He very well may be the future.

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