When it comes to Hip Hop, Brooklyn New York is home to many great Mc’s and artist of many genres. To anyone who has ever visited the borough Brooklyn has wide mix of cultures, ethnicities, and renowned musicians living within some of the most historic neighborhoods in the world. Growing up within the melting pot has inspired the MC known as T.R.A.C. His name alone clearly states what his intent is all about….” To Rule And Conquer”.
T.R.A.C (aka Terry Nickz) is Brooklyn born and influenced. This NYC resident is a crafty songwriter/ lyricist who can adapt to many different styles. He takes pride in being original and “pushing the envelope” while still keeping that classic Hip Hop sound in every song he touches.
T.R.A.C.’s influences range from early 80’s to mid 90’s which is often dubbed “The Golden Era”. Being the student at that time has shown him many things through the sounds of Rap, Classic soul, R & B to Classic Rock. His mind is very much open to the world so when he expresses himself it becomes an emotional ride. If not for the lyrics then TRAC definitely has the voice.

The BK Mc’s first real taste of music came from an experiment in the NYC Drum n Bass world. He along with legendary Dj ICUE created a song called “Next Level $hit”. Released in 1999-‘01 on the Top 100 CMJ Charted Jah Nezah:“This is Liquid Sky” compilation. the song fused Jungle and Hip Hop 2gther bringing something a little different and refreshing to the world. This kind of music was labeled ‘Hip-Step’. It was an underground DnB success and is still is played from time to time. The experience has showed TRAC’s true passion and love for music and has given him a lot of respect in the music scene.

Thru his 10 year career he has entertained and hosted in many spots throughout North America and Canada and currently holds residency at The Legendary Websterhall NYC for the Premiere Dubstep Night w/ Bass Fueled Mischief. (Girls n Boys) This event is one of the most successful parties in NYC to date bringing the likes of Hip Hop Legends Brand Nubian, to Dubstep Legends like Caspa, 12th Planet, Nero, Hellfire Machina and many other great artist in the Bass Scene.
The Balancing of Hip-Hopping through genres hasn’t been a problem for the artist as he keeps his integrity and makes quality music.

In 2007 TRAC was also featured in a Boosey and Hawks Project which was produced by UK Hip Hop Legend Lewis Parker (Home Grown Hip Hop). This compilation had cinematic beats laced with street gritty/conscious lyrics. The tandem eventually worked out for the better as it was released by the Famous movie scorers and planned for a re-release forthcoming.

In the Present, TRAC has been hosting and doing plenty shows, working on new music, as well as putting the finishing touches to his new abum project with 4hero musician and renown Producer Marc Mac “THE NETWORK” forthcoming on BBE records. The routes of paying dues were heavy but things are finally looking more rewarding for this true MC. His songs will be a familiar one in your player. He came to conquer.

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