Stephanie Nicole started singing at the age of five in her grade school choir. She was introduced to classical music, jazz, rock, and musical theater at an early age, and these styles still have a major influence on her music. In 1999 Stephanie appeared in “The Wiz” for the International Thespian Society State Competition at Virginia Commonwealth University. She also competed with the Select Women’s Ensemble in the Festival Choir Competition in 1999-2001 and won each year. Stephanie is grateful to have worked with many well-known conductors and composers in the Virginia Districts Choir. She’s trained with Janell Middleton (Broadway/ Opera Singer), and has performed with Bob McGrath at the International Children’s Festival 2000. These opportunities have allowed her to work with performers from all over the world.
In 2001, Stephanie left classical music with a mission to inspire and uplift people through other various forms of music. Since 2006 she has been performing at local venues around the DC metro area and in Southern California, with a number of different bands. The positive vibrations she has experienced have filled her heart and soul, and she now desires to project that love and joy into all the music she makes.
When Stephanie collaborated with Classroom Craig on the first 2 songs for her debut EP back in spring of 2013, they both knew something special had begun. After writing and recording a few more songs, it had become evident that these collaborations needed to become a permanent partnership. Now, ‘Stephanie Nicole’ is not only a singer/songwriter/musician, but also the musical partnership of Stephanie and Classroom Craig. Their 4 song EP, “Voices”, received many great reviews and blog features throughout 2013. This feedback fueled Stephanie and Craig’s fire to complete an entire album. The rest of 2013 was spent writing and recording songs for their forthcoming album “Soulutionary One”, as well as promoting their EP.
In February 2014, a brand new song of theirs was chosen to be included on BamaLoveSoul’s compilation album, “On Deck 2”(BBE Records). The album is garnering much attention worldwide, and their song ‘Diligence’ is getting a lot of positive reviews as well. In celebration of this release, they put out another brand new song, independently, on Soundcloud called ‘Be Strong’. Both songs are included on Stephanie Nicole’s first full-length album, to be released in January 2015 on BBE.

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