Rive Gauche

RIVE GAUCHE is a new project by Alexandre Destrez who is the pianist for ST GERMAIN albums (Tourist & Boulevard) , SHAZZ and many others international Dj Producer…

It is in 1995 when we can hear for the first time Alexandre Destrez’s keyboards on “Boulevard” (F Com), his first record, and then later on “From Detroit to St Germain” (F Com) in particular with the much appreciated pieces “Deep in It” and “Soul Salsa Soul ». And of course in the album “Tourist” (Blue Note) which sold over 3 million copies worldwide.
While waiting for the release of RIVE GAUCHE album which is scheduled in 2016, Alexandre Destrez introduces his new compositions during live performances. As always, Alexandre plays in an Electro Jazz, and very “French Touch”, spirit. He will be accompanied by a DJ and talented musicians.

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