Rainer Trueby

Rainer Trüby embraces the soul

“To know you, is to love you”. These verses, sung by Syreeta in Stevie Wonders song of the same name, are very well known. In 2008, Rainer Trüby and Danilo Plessow, better known under his MCDE moniker, fit them into a house-chassis layer. A funky bassline and their trademark raw drums push the track forward. Warm synthesizers and a spherical chord melody shyly flirt with each other in the background. A club hit in the year of its release, and its impact on a dancefloor can still be felt today. “When I’m down and feelin ‘sad, you always comfort me” sings Syreeta. This is what best describes Rainer Trüby as a DJ. Anyone who attended his club night “Root Down” in Freiburg – he has been running it for over 20 years now – knows: Rainer Trüby always comforts his audience and makes the dancers smile. For years, Rainer Trüby has focused on downbeat, Nujazz, drum’n’bass, broken beats and all kind of soul and disco from US-American, British and Brazilian bands, singers and producers. Now he professionally brings together this knowledge of dance music’s roots with House and soulful Techno. Or Salsa and cheesy Pop songs, so-called guilty pleasure records, provided that the night and his audience are of the same mind. As a DJ, Rainer Trüby has been and still is a regular at festivals like Worldwide Festival, founded and curated by Gilles Peterson. Clubs as Watergate or Panoramabar in Berlin trust in his musical repertoire. His main characteristic, regardless of being a DJ or working together with producers like Danilo Plessow aka MCDE (“Rainer Trueby”), Corrado Bucci (“Truccy”) and Mario “Marlow” Weise (“Marlow & Trueby”), is: He embraces the soul. Today, music lovers regard his output as Trüby Trio alongside Christian Prommer and Roland Appel as a legend and an icon for a jazz- and soul-infused club sound that mixes up broken beats, Afro-Brazilian and electronic music. The legendary Vienna based duo Kruder & Dorfmeister licensed their track “Donaueschingen”, rearranged it and released their remix work on their legendary album “The K & D Sessions”. In 2001, the Trüby Trio contributed to the long-running and well recognised DJ Kicks series on K7! In 2003 the trio released the album “Elevator Music” on Compost Records, that was and still is a musical homeland for Rainer Trüby. At Compost Records, he also set a landmark in terms of Brazilian – and future jazz-influenced music with his compilation series “Glücklich” (1994 – 2002). Glücklich, that means happy in German, is what Rainer Trüby stands for: music that makes you happy.

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