Kinda like a rapper more like a MC…
Pugs Atomz woke up in this world at Leo in Pittsburgh PA., son of a Radio host and a Painter. His love of Hip Hop developed when his family moved to Chicago; during grade school he would see the graffiti on the trains and in his neighbourhood of Englewood. These trains also would have rap groups performing and singers doing their thing for spare change.
The leader in him was born in High School, when a few friends thought his idea to be a Nacrobat was a great thing to be. Fast forward a few years and Nacrobats (90 members strong) incompassed everything he wanted and learned watching the structure and moves of Zulu Nation, Chi Rock Nation, Lo Lifes, and Dem Dare. Breakers, graf writers, DJ’s, poets, promoters, Mc’s etc… all under his umbrella spanning Saulk village to Chicago to Rockford.
At this time his parents would have people like Oscar Brown Jr. in his living room performing “Signifying Monkey”
and various poets, and visual artist of the time schooling him, to give me a sense of culture and balance.

His first solo adventure “Thanks for not Rhyming”, on Galapagos 4 records, featured his crew and production from Molemen (Mf Doom, Atmosphere, Saigon) and received a warm response from the underground and started him doing shows across the USA. His second time out “24 Years later” on his own Birthwrite Records faired even better, getting him shows overseas and on a few tours to get his music to the people.
Later on he started doing CTA radio with Thaione Davis and Kevin Maxey, a radio show dedicated to Hip Hop with interviews and freestyles, pushing Chicago Artist on the legendary WHPK 88.5fm. Hosting a TV show “Barbershop Hip Hop”, interviewing everyone from Cope 2 to Gym Class heroes to Kurtis Blow, Pugs and partner Slim the Barber would even shoot videos for the locals to have more content.
2007 -2008 saw Pugs getting into fashion, designing clothing/fitted hats with the likes of American Needle and Afro Wear.
Late 2007 he got on a 38 city tour with DJ Vadim and Abstract rude around the US and Canada. Being away from home he noticed the scene changing around him, he quickly adapted to the internet life releasing free mixtapes.
2008 also saw a rise in violence in Chicago schools, so Mr. Atomz wrote the song “Me and you” addressing it. He got involved with Coalmine Music, the Stop the violence movement, and teaching with After School matters.
Pugs Atomz is well on his way to move people with his music. ”Pugs drops fun and thoughtful albums that take a few listens for you to realize how rare that combination is nowadays. It’s clear he takes rapping seriously without being so himself, always exuding laid back confidence ”(Okay player)

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