The Hip Hop juggernaut NOTES TO SELF features rappers Swamp Donkey and Roshin, producer/rapper Bronze One, world renowned DJ/turntablist DJ Dopey and writer/illustrator Elicser. For eight years NOTES TO SELF has successfully created a group dynamic reminiscent of early De La Soul and Dilated Peoples. NOTES TO SELF hails from Toronto, the capital of Canadian hip hop. A collective as mature and talented as NOTES TO SELF is rare, especially in a genre often limited by trends lacking in originality. NOTES’ musical diversity is broad and exciting. NOTES’ vibe captivates – the group has a solid regional fan base; both Dopey and Bronze’s reps span the globe. NOTES TO SELF has recently completed the final touches on their debut full-length work scheduled for worldwide release this summer 2008. While eagerly awaiting the release of their debut effort which now features collaborations with US artists Dilated Peoples and Def Jux affiliate Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, NOTES continues to record with fresh innovators such as producer’s MoSS & Mr. aTTic, and of course close friend and collaborator Bookworm. In the meantime, Dopey still finds time to travel, entertaining crowds from New York to Tokyo with the likes of DJ Woody and DJ Pump while maintaining a DJ residency on television’s MTV LIVE. Elicser also finds time to showcase work with Amoeba Corp. and Upper Playground from Montreal to San Francisco while holding down various contracts with Cuppa Coffee and Nike Canada. NOTES TO SELF is dedicated and determined. Since the 2003 release of Bronze One’s solo ep Just Add Water and most notably, among other numerous titles – DJ Dopey’s world DMC championship win, their 2007 collaboration with Abdominal on his solo debut Escape from the Pigeon Hole, marks NOTES’ third global commercial effort; and NOTES’ 2006 tribute release commemorating the late great J Dilla, which now continues to realize over 6000 downloads online. As NOTES steadily adds to their list of accomplishments, the group most certainly stepped up their game by opening up for Brooklyn based power house rapper, Talib Kweli, which has since guaranteed them as headliners for both CMW & NXNE music festivals. NOTES TO SELF is poised to break; with each ‘cutting-edge’ step, they ready themselves for world distribution. Hip Hop has come full circle with NOTES TO SELF.

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