Gareth Morgan is a producer and DJ involved in the underground dance music scene.
Having worked in the same studio as The Sabres of Paradise and The Aloof, Morgan went on a UK tour with The Sabres who were backing Primal Scream in 1993, lugging keyboards and drums on and off stage between acts.
Having frequented the likes of Full Circle, early Ministry of Sound parties through to Southport Weekender and various other nights, he has a wide taste in music ranging from Jazz, House, Techno, Broken Beat, Acid, Soul, Jazz Funk, Balearic, Indie, Classical…anything except commercial driven dance music that he hates with a passion!
Having purchased his first keyboard in the early nineties, he started making house music back then. Due to a tragedy that saw one of his closest friend’s whom he recorded with pass away though, he sold all of his equipment and concentrated on DJ’ing. Cue the present…Morgan realised the music bug was still very much active in him, so he bought another small set up and began producing again. His first release under the name Morgan came with his friend and talented singer Jo Sims, with a track called Dalmatia Dreaming. This was their first studio track and label BBE snapped it up for release in July 2014.

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