The Mighty Zaf

My early influences were the many different styles of music being played in my household as a child, namely classical Indian music by my father & 70’s rock & soul by my elder brothers as well as popular radio. As both my father & brothers were avid record buyers I was immersed in vinyl from the late 60’s onwards. My first love was disco & soul but my ears were always open to all kinds of music and I started buying my own records from 1977. By the mid 80’s it was an obsession which was proving impossible to satisfy financially so I decided to leave my apprenticeship as a film editor and take a job at Reckless Records in Soho in 1988. It was only supposed to be for a short time, but I ended staying there for 17 years and was part/owner manager. During this time I came into contact with countless DJs, musicians, producers & collectors and also forged many long lasting friendships. I DJ-ed extensively during the 80’s & 90’s but also became a private record dealer to many hardcore collectors around the world. I travelled all over to unearth new records primarily for myself, and accumulated so many I was able to start my own website

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