Dean Bagar (born Croatia, lives in Berlin), Dj, Producer, Record shop and Label owner (Tricky Tunes) met Pablo Gaviria (Bogotá, Colombia) in Bogotá, 2006. Thru a common love for Caribbean music (expecially Reggae) they started to jam and produce tunes in Pablos Mono Estudios, Bogotá. Over the years Dean kept traveling to Colombia and their collaboration became tighter. In the winter of 2011 they decided to start a project called „Los Transatlanticos“. The idea was to mix and fuse Latin and Caribbean music with modern urban sounds from Europe. Very soon Pablo’s brother, multi-instrumentalist Alvaro Gaviria, joined the project. In March and April 2011 had studio sessions with local singers. At that point it was a pure studio project. Back to Berlin, Dean showed the material to Detlef Diederichsen, the music director of Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt, who booked the project for the Worldtronic festival in December 2011. For that purpose, they put together a seven member band:
Liana/Juliana Toro: Vocals
Mr. Baba/Victor Daril Mc Lean: Vocals
Pablo Gaviria: beats, samples and machines
Alvaro Gaviria: Guitar and Strings
Dean Bagar: Bass
Andrea Jamarillo: Percusion
Edna Orozco: Visuals
After preparation work in Bogotá and intense one week rehearsals in Berlin, they presented a tight and strong show which had Worldtronic festival crowd dancing and sweating. In 2012, Los Transatlanticos are ready to take over the stages of the world.

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