Jim Dunloop

… “the key wizard” has been playing his piano for the last 36 years.
He began with a classical education , and by the time he was 14 years old was analyzing the compositions of Gershwin and Brubeck, leading to a keen interest in jazz music.
He quickly developed his knowledge of the creative works of many great jazz/funk pianists such as Herbie Hancock , Bob James, Chick Corea and Adam Makowicz.

Infected with the funk rhythm, Jim Dunloop became interested in Rap music in the early nineties.
In Dusseldorf in 1991 he became a member of the legendary “Fresh Familee” crew.
In 1993, together with Fresh Familee drummer Splinta, he formed the group “KONSTRUKTIVE KRITIK”.
Over the next few years the group appeared on many compilations and in 1995 they released their debut album “Kuehl” on iGadgets Label Köln Massive.

In 2001 Jim Dunloop moved from Dusseldorf to Germany’s art and music capital Berlin.
He quickly began a collaboration with world renowned DJ and turntablist Marc Hype.
Their vinyl releases “The Antique Anthem”, “Bombay Raw”, “Finale 74”, “Point Blank ” and the album “Stamp out Reality” were very successful in the worldwide DJ-circuit. Their cover version of Babe Ruth’s “The Mexican” in 2006 was dubbed by UK’s Jazzman Gerald as “the” version to have. On the remix tip they build a strong reputation with works for artists like All Good Funk Alliance, Deela or Kid Gusto
Their past tour schedule proved their ability to rock internationally with stops allover Europe as in Hong Kong, Russia, Israel, Australia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore & India.
The live performance of Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop is best defined as a mix of DJing , turntablism and the highest of piano art.

Apart from all this Jim performs together with
Mr.Krime, Daniel Drumz, Pat Patent and Admiral DMC,
all highly respected DJs from Poland, under the name of
“Mako Boko”.

Together with drummer Guiseppe Coppola (Gentleman/Brothers Keepers) Dunloop has founded the Duo called “Mathematics”.

Jim’s piano lines were used several times by Suff Daddy and FlowinImmo.

Recently his focus is on the co-operation with S.Squair Blaq, Devon Parker, Sherry Trotter, Mr.Krime, Soulrock, Maxime Vaugon, Grizzly Adams, Natalie Oliveri, Rita J, Aquil and Pugs Atomz, fellow friends and musicians from the global network.The first part of these collaborations is summarized on the longplayer OPUS 76 BPM.

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