Jean Wells was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on August 1, 1942. She grew up and attended schools in nearby Belle Glade. Having been born into a family with musical interests, it was natural for Jean to develop an interest in singing. She sang in church choirs as a child and taught herself to play piano. While still in her teens, Jean formed her own singing group. After graduating from high school, Jean journeyed to Philadelphia. She worked at various jobs, before her first opportunity to make a record presented itself. Her first wax effort was “Song Of The Bells” on a minor label. The platter was somewhat of a success in Philadelphia and environs. Her second and third records, “If He’s A Good Man” and “I Know He Loves Me”, helped to further Jean as an artist, though they were not national successes.

Somewhat disheartened Jean returned to Florida, where she stayed just over a year. Then she decided to pick up her career and returned to Philadelphia. She worked in night clubs and was eventually signed by ABC Paramount Records. “Don’t Come Running To Me” was her first release on that label. Again disappointment caused her to return to Florida.

On her third trek to Philadelphia, her determination was rewarded. She was contacted by Clyde Otis, well-known composer, music publisher and A&R man. Under Otis’ direction she recorded “If You’ve Ever Loved Someone” for Eastern Records. The record sold well. Unable to find a suitable song for a follow-up, Jean decided to try writing her own material. She worked with two friends, and “After Loving You” was the result. “After Loving You” and five other subsequent releases reached the national R & B charts. At this point in Jean’s career everyone feels that it’s just a matter of time until she breaks for a hit on the national scene. By popular acclaim Miss Wells has played the Apollo Theatre in Harlem (the mecca of soul music) a total of six times. Also she has appeared on numerous TV shows and was constantly on the go doing personal appearances.

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