DJ Vadim, the renowned DJ, producer, record label impresario and air-miles millionaire, known for travelling the globe in search of the perfect beat, has once again united a collective of superb individualistic artists to make a truly international super-group – The Electric.

In life there are some things that one can always rely on. For instance, gravity, the fact that it gets dark at night, the weather being rubbish in the UK, Simon Cowell trying to sell you some more auto-tuned nonsense, politicians lying and DJ Vadim touring. After more than 15 years in the game, it would be easy for Vadim to sit back, stay in his niche, his comfort zone, and churn out the same old stuff every year. But that’d be dull…

Written on the road as the DJ Vadim tour for ‘U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun’ travelled from town to town, city to city, country to country, the influences and moods of this journey are reflected in his music. Though The Electric was born out of a huge international tour, this is not just another release of a tirelessly productive musician. It’s a personal accomplishment and a gripping conversation with his new collaborators.

Comprising of Pugs Atomz (Chicago’s finest upcoming MC), UK sultry soul-stress Sabira Jade and of course Daddy Vad, this is more than just sick production, soul, broken beats, or battle raps. Life is Moving is more than just another ‘indie’ rap record; it’s neither underground nor some passing star spangled new music fad. This is music that will start a conversation and weave it with a captivating story, filled with emotions, break-ups, beauty and celebration. Balancing fun with raw emotion, it’s an album of these times, it’s about real people asking real questions about what it is to be alive today, being human amongst so much change, of living and loving, seeking and yearning, and Pugs and Sabira capture these essences in their mesmeric and captivating styles with charm and sincerity, and more than a wry smile on their face. This is a life affirming album and proud of it, not afraid of expressing joy and positivity at life.

‘The Electric for me are songs that are filled with more joy, more sadness, more triumph, more faith in the supernatural, much deeper feelings’ DJ Vadim

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