By the age of 15, David Rodigan was DJing at school dances and youth clubs.

The infectious, crazy back beat of Jamaican Ska first captivated him as a teenager in the mid 60’s; it was a driving, energetic sound which he found impossible to resist. When the pace cooled down and condensed into Rock Steady David was equally enamoured because the sweet, aching vocal style of Jamaica’s young stars could be heard to full effect.

The music was fresh, original and soulful. His fascination for these sounds became an obsession as he began what was to be a life long love affair with the music of Jamaica and for the past 30 years he has had the privilege of playing these songs on the radio and in clubs. In 1978, David Rodigan obtained a job on Radio London to alternate with Tony Williams on the Reggae Rockers programme. A year later he was offered a permanent slot at Capital Radio to present Roots Rockers, which ran for 11 years. Kiss FM when it re-launched in the early 90’s as London’s first legal 24-hour dance music station then offered David Rodigan a show where he currently hosts the Sunday night slot from 11pm till 1am.

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