Chris Read & Pugs Atomz

Respected producer, renowned digger, and prolific DJ, Chris Read has been releasing and compiling music on BBE for many years now, both as a solo artist and as producer of electronic soul outfit Maylight. His collaboration with Chicago rapper and vocalist Pugs Atomz started life when the latter was in London recording and touring with BBE label-mate and mutual friend DJ Vadim‘s group The Electric. Having recorded a small collection of tracks during Pugs’ time in London town, two of which appeared Chris Read’s 2015 producer collection’All Night’, the duo continued to exchange ideas and recordings across the pond after Pugs’ return to his native Chicago.

A true hip hop renaissance man, Pugs Atomz has travelled the world several times over, always making a lasting impression thanks to his energetic stage performances, forward-thinking attitude and highly relatable lyrics. Mix-tape maestro and sample head, Chris Read’s beat-making credentials simply cannot be overstated.

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