Brian Jackson

Half of the power duo Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson, Brian wrote, arranged and produced over 10 albums over an eight-year period. Time and time again that music has found its way onto hundreds of cuts from tracks like Common’s “The People” (from “We Almost Lost Detroit”) to Kendrick Lamar’s “Poe Mans Dreams” (from “Peace Go With You, Brother”) to Tupac’s “Ready for Whatever” (from “1980”) and many more.

Almost 50 years later, Brian is still building with artists as diverse as Adrian Younge (Black Dynamite) and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Tribe Called Quest) and has co-produced his latest album release with producer Daniel Collás (Phenomenal Handclap Band, Joe Bataan)

Brian looks to both the present and the past for inspiration in order to honor to the ancient tradition of the griot – the African troubadour of truth.
“This music isn’t really mine,” Brian asserts. “I learned it from those who came before me. It’s my job to pass on what I’ve learned. That’s the Tradition.”

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