Bijan and Virtual V

You can tell a lot about a person from the music they make.
Bijan’s journey from a DJ to House music producer was inspired by the many colourful and passionate characters he spent time with in the industry.
In the first part of his career, Bijan made his name on the Hip Hop and RnB scene by holding residency’s at Ministry of Sound and Bar Rumba. In addition, he worked for two of London’s most established record shops in Soho and an independent UK based record label, BBE Records. Working for the label meant being in an influential environment of established, talented musicians and producers which shaped and directed his journey onto the house music scene.
Bijan’s love and knowledge of an eclectic ray of music has inspired his direction and helped him shape his sound. He has found himself Djing with the likes of MAW (Kenny Dope & Louie Vega), Osunlade, DJ Jazzy Jeff just to name a few.
Bijan’s production demonstrates a distinctive style which also resonates in his DJ sets. His sound and personality go hand in hand. Being part of a pioneering scene which is constantly evolving and changing, his sets can vary from Deep, progressive, Tech house to Techno & Bass oriented sounds to Nu Disco and Hip Hop.

Virtual V:
“Music of any kind has its appeal and own particular message”
With a sound falling somewhere amongst the blurred lines of house and techno, this musical journey was first sparked into life with keyboard lessons as a young child living in London. Playing in school bands soon followed, with an early fascination with rock music this naturally led to learning the guitar. Everything changed one day when he borrowed the schools 4 track porta studio, his first foray into home production and the opening of a new world. Fast forward to today, and that same enthusiasm and enchantment of music is still present in the Studio (albeit with a lot less hiss!). Along the way the electronic sounds that he first consumed in the late 80’s as well as many bands and artist from various decades have all left their own indelible print on someone who best describes himself as “musically impressionable”.

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