• Twelve Inches of Pleasure (A Look Back At The Early 12” Singles From BBE)


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    Mind Magic (Dub)

    I Wanna Be Loved By You (Rascal Dub)

    Path Of The Blazing Sarong (Shrink To Fit -Go And Dance Mix)

    I Wanna Be Loved By You (Kenny Dope's Extended Version)

    Majestika (Main Version)

    Love Call (Harvey's Mx)

    Love Call (Restless Soul Mix)

    Once Bitten

    A long time ago BBE released twelve inch records, in those days London’s Soho offered the record buyer a feast of vinyl, specialist stores proliferated, turntables took over from the guitar as every schoolboy dreamed to be the next ‘Superstar’ DJ. The music press were astounded at the survival of the 12” record, despite the major’s attempt to quash it.

    In to this ‘mix’ BBE rose, releasing obscure funk records, and A Bollywood Funk album, as well as kick starting the whole dj driven compilation genre with it’s Stop & Listen series.

    Fast forward to the now, sadly many of the Soho vinyl institutions have gone (R.I.P- ‘Catch A Groove’, ‘Mr Bongo’, ‘Atlas’, ‘Quaff Records’ the first ‘Deal Real’ & ‘Major Flavours’), we hope that this album will memorialise a small part of that history.

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