• Private Wax


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    Zafsmusic.com continues to bring you the rarest disco & boogie bangers with his new compilation titled "Private Wax" Vol 1. 16 scintillating excursions into the deep disco & boogie world of privately pressed & produced gems.

    Vinyl track listing:

    A1 Ashanti - Dance
    A2 Christian Gaubert - Sweet Maryline
    A3 Poncho C. Saint Fingers - When I Come Knocking
    A4 Chuck Strong - Doin' It Cause It Feels Good

    B1 Contagious - Music Freak (12 Mix)
    B2 Mr Fox - Party Track
    B3 Gregory Jolly - What'em Doing Is My Business
    C1 Pure Love - D.I.S.C.O. Spells Love
    C2 94 East - If You Feel Like Dancin (Dance Version)
    C3 Aura - Freex (7" Mix)

    D1 Special Touch - This Party's Just For You (12" Extended Version)
    D2 Leprechaun - There's No End To Our Love
    D3 Philadelphia Brite - Never Leave Me and I'll Never Leave You

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