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    Dub music originated in the studios of Kingston, Jamaica in the early 1970’s as recording engineers began experimenting with analogue tapes using personally customised delay, echo and reverb effects. It was, in effect, the next step on from a straight instrumental recording or version. The idea of breaking down the elements in a traditional recording and choosing to hi-light vocals and various instruments in an echo chamber had a major impact on dancers in the Jamaican lawns, where the enormous sound systems would play.

    The main protagonists of this unique development in sound creation were the sound engineers King Tubby (who actually owned his own sound system) Errol T. Thompson, Lee Perry and Sylvan Morris.

    This album ‘Dubwize Shower’ is primarily a compilation of classic dub recordings made by those prolific engineers whilst also encompassing the work of younger contributors to the genre such as Alborosie and Da Grynch. The ideal conditions in which to enjoy these tracks is when they are being pumped out of an enormous, heavy duty sound system where the full effect and legacy of Jamaican Dub music can be fully appreciated.

    It was these dub recordings which have influenced and inspired many of our greatest drum and bass and dubstep producers. Tracklist: 01. Keith Hudson - Pick A Dub (feat. Augustus Pablo) 02. King Tubby - In Fine Style 03. Sly and Robbie - Joy Ride Dub (Taxi) 04. Alborosie - Dubbing Kingston 05. King Tubby - King Of Zion Dub (feat. Barry Brown) 06. King Tubby - Mercy Horns 07. Sly and Robbie - Poker Face Dub 08. Augustus Pablo - Frozen Dub 09. King Tubby - Babylon Yard Dub (feat. Johnny Clarke) 10. Errol T and The Matador - Spider Man Dub 11. Da Grynch - Joker Smoker Dub 12. King Tubby - West Dub (feat. John Holt & Dillinger) 13. Alborosie - Tribute To The King 14. Sylvan Morris & Andy’s All Stars - Walk Right In 15. King Tubby - Roots Natty Congo Dub (feat. Johnny Clarke) 16. Errol T and The Matador - Third Dub 17. Sly and Robbie - Demolition City Dub 18. Da Grynch - Pass Da Kouchie Instrumental 19. King Tubby - Gorgon Dub (feat. Cornell Campbell) 20. King Tubby - Running Over (feat. Johnny Clarke)

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