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    Fondly considered as the 4th member of New Zealand future soul band Electric Wire Hustle, you may have already witnessed some of the audio magic of Benny Tones without realizing it. As Electric Wire Hustle’s Sound Tech Benny has been responsible for mixing EWH’s live sound since their first performance and having set up his own studio in Wellington – Organik Muzik Workz – also mixed the groups debut album last year. As well as having chief responsibility for mixing EWH’s live and studio sound, Benny Tones is also a DJ and full time Audio Engineer and has recorded and engineered for artists such as Pacific Heights, Julien Dyne, Iva Lamkum, Harbour City Electric, Solaa and Module among others at his Organik Muzik Workz Studio based in Newtown, Wellington. An obsessive collector of vintage music equip-ment Benny is a true audio artisan. His exquisite production is the result of hundreds of hours clocked up in the studio over the years and clearly his stunning ambient soul sound is infused by the beautiful Golden Bay community where he grew up. It was a natural progression from Djing that led him to start producing his own beats in 2002. This was the year he also moved to Wellington to immerse himself in the scene and to learn as much as he could about audio production and the music industry. He participated in 2 short audio courses but is largely self taught. In 2008 he set up OMW and has quickly built up a reputation as one of Wellington’s best Audio Engineering facilities.

    CD Tracklist: 1. Aero:soul ft. Mara TK 2. On My Way ft. Mara TK 3. Home ft. Joe Dukie 4. Apollo 5. Odyssey ft. LP 6. Fountain Of Youth ft. Shihan The Poet 7. Little City 8. Nevermind ft. Mara TK 9. The Centre ft. Adi Dick 10. Fire Fly ft. Mara TK 11. Chrysalis ft. Sacha Vee

    Bonus Track - Automatic For The People ft. Taay Ninh

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