• The M+M Mixes Vol. 2 Part A by John Morales


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    “The original process of 're-mixing records' was intended to provide an alternative listening experience which had been optimized for people who went out to dance at Discos. John was one of the early pioneers who loved music, understood his craft and HAD RESPECT FOR THE CREATIVE WORK from which his mixes were derived” Patrick Adams – Super Producer. Writer of over 30 Gold and Platinum records and back to back winner of ASCAP Songwriter of the year award 1996/1997

    This compilation is his second for BBE. Few can match John Morales contribution to the world of the enthusiast turned remixer come producer. John Morales is considered one of true legends of the mix. And his work some thirty years later continues to be cutting wedge and inspiring. Although familiar with John’s work – his epic mix of Universal Robot Bands boogie anthem is the source from which BBE Records got its name – No attempt had been made to summarise the pinnacle of Johns work. This second release is continued history lesson in dance music. He formed with the late Sergio Munzibai, M+M productions whose output of over 650 mixes will be unmatched by many celebrity big name remixers of today. From the Rolling Stones to Gloria Estefan, The Temptations to Hall and Oates, Aretha Franklin to BBE – we have all been moulded by Johns everlasting influence.

    This superb double vinyl set presents some of John's finest works in extra long vinyl versions.

    This is the legacy of the M+M mixes. Tracklist: A1. Inner Life - Caught Up B1. Brass Construction - Now Is Tomorrow C1. First Choice - The Player D1. WAR - Slippin' Into Darkness

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