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Elyas Khan

Elyas Khan is an art rock composer and performer. Drawing from his UK-Indian/Pakistani heritage and creative upbringing in the NYC art, music & theatre scene, he traverses global musical routes as a sort of poetic trader: producing music of the awakening streets from New York to Mumbai, Berlin to Casablanca. His primal instrumentals, ancient vocals, electronic chaos, and bass heavy grooves generate music as at home beside classics like Frank Zappa and Jeff Buckley as it is with contemporaries like Animal Collective or Björk.

Brawl In Paradise is Elyas's first solo record following three releases from his NYC based band Nervous Cabaret (Näive), and one release by his side project Gentlemen & Assassins. Elyas chose a different city to write each album in. To compose Brawl In Paradise he headed for Berlin and the historic NalepaStrasse FunkHaus.

Rejecting cultural and artistic nostalgia, Elyas rips apart his music, creating new soundtracks of post-glam, pre-revolutionary, art-rock: styled, not fashioned. In the timeline of popular music genres, Khan fits with musicians who are defined within their own context: artists such as Peter Gabriel, Devo, Bjork, Radiohead or M.I.A.

Khan’s autodidactic, multi-disciplinary training allowed him to play most of the instruments on the album, with some guest performances by: British writer Neil Gaiman, composer Sxip Shirey, drummer Eric D’Urso (Budzillus), violinist Rafael Bord (Heurlements de Leo), contra bassist Daniel Cordes (17 Hippies) and vocalist Saudia Young.


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