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Luis Radio & Raffa Scoccia

Luis Radio: His name, Luis Radio, stands for the passion and the total devotion to House Music. A passion that he has shown already at a very young age by selecting music for a few friends in his cellar. Since the early 80's he created the right atmosphere for unforgetable parties always to the insignia of Disco and House Music. He began to work at Frankie Go Club in 1989 (in Rome-Italy) not only as a Resident Dj but also as supervisor in the choice of international artists. He is still rocking Rome's dancefloors with the famous Roman Nighttime Promotions Company, From Classics On. Between 1992 and 1995 he has been Tony Humphries' Assistant for the TH Zone at Echoes in Rimini and this experience has allowed him to improve his skills of selecting records even more.

The professionalism and the seriousness he shows in his job don't stop beside a DJ booth: he built his own recording studio and later in 1997 together with Maurizio Clemente created two new record labels, Equal and Nitro Records. In no time he created hits such as Universal Groove on Kult Records with the Italian Producer Studio 32, The Violin on Equal Records with the Basement Boys or Nothing Stays The Same with Mike Dunn and Victor Simonelli always on Equal Records, Luis Radio ft.Sabrina Johnston "House Music" (licensed also in the U.S.by Junior Vasquez for JVM), Michelle Weeks & Dawn Tallman "Joyful Noice", "Musica" and "Let the Music" both along with the LA duo DeepSwing. His more important collaborations in the studio have seen on his side singers as: Sabrinahh Pope, Carole Sylvan, Rochelle Fleming, Darryl D'Bonneau, Mijan, Michael Watford, D'Layna, Michelle Weeks, The Chic,etc. or DJs such as Lenny Fontana, Teddy Douglas & DJ Spen (Basement Boys), Danny "Buddah" Morales, Deep Swing and many more... Luis Radio and Raffa “The Mood”, Jam Jam, Moa and Luis Radio ft. Sabrina Johnston “Hope & Faith” are just some of his latest releases out on U.S. labels as Seasons Limited ,Soulfuric, Devotion and CityDeep. He has played as DJ Resident in various Clubs in Rome: Horus Club, Soul River, Akab, Akab Cave, B-Side, OM, Farneto, Goa Club, Piper, The Saint, New Open Gate, Alien, Caf้ Latino, Hulala, Saponeria, Lanificio 158 etc., but his career as DJ is not limited to the Italian capital: Luis not only had DJ gigs in pretty much all of the most important clubs in Italy, but also all around the globe: in Madrid, London, Cardiff, Bruxelles, Switzerland, Greece, Vienna, St Petersburg, Portugal, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, New York, Miami, Hong Kong and Croatia with the Legendary SouthPort Weekender Crew. Currently Luis Radio is resident at ROOM26 in Rome, an amazing venue with one of the best sound systems in the world.

Raffa: Raffaele Scoccia, formally known as RAFFA, was born in Tuscany, Italy in 1976. He started his music career at the age of eleven. After some time he met the well-known maestro Luis Bacalov who was impressed enough by his creative talent to exhort the 16-year-old composer to pursue his studies on the classical piano and on advanced harmony studies. At the same time Luis Bacalov became his mentor and encouraged the young musician to write music and extend his studies on the Hammond organ. Furthermore to his first experience in a " Deep Purple" cover band playing the Hammond, R.S. took inspiration from the late seventies Rock, Blues, Jazz and Funk music scene, enhancing his talent as a great live performer and generating a unique blend of style and improvisation He played in many important venues in Italy (Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and performed in many well- known clubs such as Big Mama, Villa Celimontana, The Club, Classico Village, Alexanderplatz, Alpheus, Geronimo, Goa, Bebop Jail break). The Story So Far.... 1994 : He performed in the most important clubs and festivals in Tuscany 1996 : performing at the Siena Jazz 2000: He joined Jazz seminar lessons in Genoa, studying with Kanny Barron 1999/2002: he worked with the DJ LUIS RADIO and joined the production of many records for EQUAL RECORDS working with Michelle Weeks, Down Tallman, Su Su Bobien, Barbara Tucker 2002-2004: He worked on his first debut album OUT OF BOUNDS which was produced by Giovanni Bacalov son Luis Bacalov. 2004: He signed with Don't Worry and the executive producer Rolando D'Angeli (producer of NEK, UMBERTO TOZZI, GIORGIA and many others) With the single "Never understand" and the bonus track "Sunrise" taken from the 2001 album produced by Giovanni Bacalov and played by many radio networks, he releases of his second single Rush Down. His music is a perfect blend of Rock, Blues and Jazz "in to the groove" where melody and harmony are fully integrated in a single beautiful unifying compositional thought. Also in 2004 he became the leader of the Hammondology Band and he composed, wrote and arranged an album with Alves Dos Santos 2005: he composed, wrote and arranged Starfunk album and he received the Young Talent Award at the "Campidoglio" in Rome. 2006: Raffa met the DJ/singer Joseph Malik and writes and arranges four singles. Furthermore he played the keyboard on Neffa's Album as well as the hammond organ on the Riccardo Sinigallia's album and on Claudio Baglioni's album. He also composed an album for his band: The Hammondology Band. Raffa is the sole administrator of the FIZZY WINE Records Label.


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